Greetings! I’m Ben, and this is my blog. Below you’ll find my recent posts, wherein I dump my thoughtpieces on politics, technology, interactive media, and philosophy; random idea-branchings off of my currently-running projects and struggles therein; and commentary on my progress towards becoming a better programmer, a more organized and conscientious human being, and a stronger, more powerful, and more productive and engaging person.

I’ve been working in JavaScript to test its capabilities (as well as my own in the process) and to see if I can build a decent engine using only front-end code and builtin HTML5 functionality. I’m currently studying web frameworks (NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS, etc.) to develop my skills towards the ‘full-stack JavaScript developer’ level.

If you’d like to receive updates when I post new content,  I would highly recommend the Feedly app, as it has a very handy browser plugin that links well with WordPress’s RSS feed.


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