Good news, bad news

I’m guessing there will be many posts like this in the future, but for now, I have good news and bad news. I didn’t get around to doing a workout yesterday, and I should have. However, I found out that our age-old house printer needs all new ink, just about, so I couldn’t (finally) print off my list of goals. Still, I’ll be able to do it tomorrow (and I’ll be able to buy new ink today), so I’ll be keeping my list of goals for today straightforward and simple.

And speaking of which, I found an interesting and useful hack for getting things done yesterday (and it’ll be something I implement in the future probably): I’ll set a timer for an hour to an hour and a half when I sit down at the computer, and if it goes off, I force myself off, find something I can do to improve my environment or something productive to accomplish, I do that, and then find another thing, until about half an hour is over. It gets me up and moving at regular intervals, but, more importantly, I’m actually getting things done and then rewarding myself for it afterwards. Gotta get that dopaminergic surge from getting things done and the extra kick of being able to go back to my computer and the cyber realm.

I think the next step will be to incorporate sets of exercises if all the other household chores are done. I mean, I did purchase a bodyweight scale and place it in the kitchen to remind myself that eating makes me fat. I might as well get my body in order while I’m getting my mind and habits in order.

Speaking of which, I haven’t started my timer yet…

Until next time, dear Reader.

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