20190416 Beginning the End

I started this blog as a means by which to write down my thoughts on programming, talk about the projects I was working on, and basically stream-of-consciousness on some things I’m trying to work out. Crucial to repeating the structure of my previous blog habits will be to have a set time in which to write posts every day. That seemed to have been the pattern I relied on when I started my first blog (although novelty probably was a factor as well).

Anyway; it’s time to get down to business and work out exactly what I want to accomplish over the next 3-4 months.

  • Portfolio Work/Projects
    • BenjaminMarquardt.com
      • Mock directory functionality
      • Minor file access
      • Hyperlinks?
      • Command history
      • Code cleanup + comments
    • Jungle
      • Bugfixes
      • Code cleanup + comments
  • JavaScript Mastery Work
    • Work up list of crucial language concepts
    • Read up on new language developments
  • Frameworks
    • VueJS
    • AngularJS? ReactJS? (probably the former, since 3/3 major frontend frameworks would be too much to concentrate on)
    • NodeJS

Per the lady’s suggestion, I’ll be working on what I can each morning (and probably a bit during the day at work if I can help it). Let’s see what I can cross off of the above list over the next week. Until tomorrow…

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