2017 04 24 #01

I’ve got to stop titling these if they’re just basic updates. They’re either going to be “I was bad,” or “I was good,” or “Things are good and bad, here’s why.” It’ll be just dates from now on.

Anyway, as my silence testifies, things got sloppy this past weekend. I’ve skimped on chores a bit (half because there really just aren’t many chores to begin with, half because of laziness at the end of the work day). However, I did knock a few goals for the weekend off the list: getting out of the cave, getting a good number of errands done on Sunday afternoon, and visiting a friend to help them out.

I’ve learned something about the Toggl timing: I really should only be using it for tracking the voluntary, non-vital work, studying, and other goal-chasing tasks I ought to be doing – as opposed to the things that I NEED to get done and don’t really have a choice (like taking the trash out at midnight the night before it gets picked up, or doing a manic cleanup for an impending visit from someone) or the things that really should count (eating, sleeping, or being unproductive). That will give me a metric for a successfully productive week.

Anyway, there are a few things I’d like to get done this week:

  1. I’d like to learn how to make bar-style pizza in my horrible oven (after purchasing all those ingredients while waiting for Walmart to finish with my car).
  2. I’d like to put at least 2 hours (each) into:
    1. studying algorithms –
    2. programming my project
  3. I’d like to bring out my sax and keep it handy for some scales practice.
    1. buy a mute (CHECK – est. delivery Monday)

That should be good for now. I’ll see if I can’t knock something off this list tonight.

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