20170427 01

Check in – got some things done in the past couple days, but I haven’t nearly begun to scratch the surface of the stuff I’d like to get done at home. But here’s a rough overview:

Experiments with bar-style pizza were interesting. I’ve learned just how crummy my oven is in terms of getting up to and keeping a high enough temperature. That being said, the pizza was not too bad. I will be continuing my experiments today or tomorrow.

I’ve been programming a lot more, especially now that I’m back to helping a friend with his classes. I need to start programming at home in earnest, but it’s tough when I come home and want to relax for a bit, and then experiment with a meal for a bit, and then eat for a bit, and then relax for a bit, and then suddenly it’s time for bed.

Speaking of which, I’ve purchased a cheap treadmill on Amazon, which should be arriving within the next few days. It’s disassembled (which contributes to the low cost) and thus, I’m hoping to be able to assemble it in such a way as to make it comfortable for me to walk/jog while on the computer. I think I’ll be able to make it work.

So, sax mute, treadmill, and tonight I have a special list all to myself of things I want to get done:

  • clean the dishes
  • clean the stove
  • clean and hang the laundry
  • try not to make anything too ridiculous for supper (I’m thinking a salad).
  • try not to get stuck at the dreaded distraction station for too long
  • help that friend with more programming before going home.

And that should work for a sufficiently productive evening. All the best, dear Reader.

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