20170428 01

I’m swiftly learning that my problem at the end of the day is simply fatigue, probably inspired by my being completely out of shape. On the plus side, my new treadmill comes today. On the downside, my foot mysteriously explodes in pain whenever I put weight on it, despite my never recalling how I injured it (in my sleep?). Anyway, the obviously dismal beginning to my post here is in testament to the fact that I got next to none of the things done last night that I wanted to (except, partially, for helping that friend – although, not in programming, but with moving large amounts of packages to the post office). I essentially napped on the couch and dragged myself about the house all night before going to bed. Am I ill? I don’t know. Do I need the treadmill coming today? Most definitely. My body needs to be challenged. If only my foot felt better.

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