20170501 01

More good news-bad news: the treadmill has arrived, it has been assembled, and it works fine. I have been testing it all weekend, and have finally settled on placing it in front of the TV so that I could watch Bosch while acclimating to an exercise schedule once again.

Unfortunately, I did not get many household chores completed this weekend. I did begin watching/reading some programming books (mostly on the subject of algorithm design), and have tentatively decided to start programming in Java on my free time (despite my distaste for the language and its inefficiencies).

Anyway, this morning was hyper productive and a fantastic beginning to the week: I woke up, had coffee, worked out (cardio, pushups, and crunches), helped Lyudmila with a small phone problem, breakfasted, showered, shaved, and still managed to get to work about 10 minutes early. If only every morning would be like this! Granted, I only got around 5 and half hours sleep last night, but I’m hoping that that means that I’ll be able to go to bed earlier tonight without any real problem.

I’ve decided that I need to find some system by which to tag or label the time I spend doing various activities in such a way as to directly connect them with my future authoring goals. This should help me evaluate my past performance in a much more accurate way, and help me tailor my schedule to allow my progress towards each of my goals consistently.

Signing off for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to report on continued progress tonight. But I’ll definitely post tomorrow morning.

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