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Almost a week since my last post?! I wanted to do daily posts. This is horrific.

My time management could definitely have been better over the past week. I’ve barely been getting anything done – exercise, household chores, or studying – because (and here’s the inevitable excuse) I’m just too tired and unmotivated at the end of the day to do freaking anything.

Some interesting notes that have had me thinking, however:

  1. I had a nap the other afternoon and was able to drift immediately into dream sleep, despite the nap only lasting about 25 minutes. From what I’ve been reading, that’s a sign of really freaking serious sleep problems. Like, preposterously serious. Could be a reason for my struggles.
  2. I can usually tackle an individual task for about an hour and half, but half hour segments are bizarre and unworkable as I can hardly get any part of the task done and I just power through the entire task if it’s that short. However, after that’s done, I get this nagging feeling that I’ve used up my “relaxation time” that for some reason I feel that I need in the back of my head? Perhaps due to the above.
  3. I’ve made a whole lot more headway on programming projects and exercise (sort of) than anything else. My time management goal has been collapsed into a goal to go to bed earlier, but has led to little to no other progress.
  4. I’ve got a lot of goals I haven’t really been working on.

Anyway. I should probably keep focusing on goal number one: time management. ‘Tis the goal that will keep the others in check.

Just finished programming. Time to go home and work up motivation to do something other than computerize.

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