20170512 01

Oh, darn. I’ve got to go back and paste in check marks!

For those that might not be aware, the check mark is a bit of a crazy thing to track down if you’re looking to make them yourself. They’re kind of buried in the Unicode ocean that exists beyond keyboard labels, ASCII-codes, etc., unless you’re willing to work in Wingdings or perform Internet wizardry to jimmy out.

I’m curious as to whether this will work, but whatever, here goes:

In order to write it, you’ve got to use in-line CSS styling with an inert HTML tag (since you don’t want your platform – *cough* WordPress */cough* – to cramp your style with its style after the fact). So I use this:

<inert style=”font-family: Wingdings;”>ΓΌ</inert>

Apparently, the ‘inert’ tag is pretty much ignored. The Wingdings font has the check mark character within a reachable range (of ASCII numerics, at least), so styling in this way allows you to get a nice visible checkmark without copy pasting from other places or the like.

I do have a pregame plan that I’ll be posting later, but for now… I’ve got to post my checkmarks from yesterday!

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