20170511 01

Happy Thursday! Today I can happily report that I’m suffering from drowsiness and lethargy and afternoon drifting due to another horrible night’s sleep (I actually remember waking up on my back a few times). Time to break out my awkward fanny-pack-and-tennis-ball trick for staying on my side while sleeping.

Anywho, I just wanted to announce my intention to get exactly two things done this afternoon after work: I want to finish the dishes, and I want to walk on the treadmill for long enough to surpass a daily step count of 10k. Stretch goals: maybe install an OS on my new Raspberry Pi 3? Maybe work a bit on my JavaScript projects (as I AM listing them on this website…)? Maybe get some *gasp* other housework done?

Looks like I’ll need to hunt for a good video to listen to to keep me going.

  • Dishes ΓΌ
  • 10k steps
  • Install OS on RP3
  • Get some programming done
  • Get some other housework done

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