20170510 02

Well, I knocked off all the things on my list (mostly, in some respect). I didn’t spend hardly any time on the computer, but I did spend a lot of time doing things. Partly, perhaps, because I was listening to a live-recorded interview with Jordan Peterson, but I think there was more to it (an idea I’m working on): getting into warrior mode.

I look around myself and I think of my environment as target-dense; what can I take a swing at? But then I fall into a habitual mode where I sit on my wide hind parts, and then that little voice in the back of my head says, “There are more things to take a swing at.” And the thought is gamified, it’s a provocation, it’s a challenge. “Can you do chore X? Yes. Really? Obviously. I don’t believe you. Prove it. Fine. I will. It’s sitting there waiting to be done. Get to it.” And then I’m off.

Part of it wasn’t thinking about productivity vs. unproductivity; it was more like pondering what spending time doing activity x was actually, consciously doing for my own improvement. And was it actually fun enough to justify it? Because fun and productive should go hand in hand. Practice and challenge and fun should include practical improvement. And in some way, a lot of the stuff I did today was like practice. It was productive. It may not have been fun the whole time, but it’s more like knocking down goals was fun and I was able to watch Youtube at the same time.

Edit: Tomorrow’s a one-month anniversary for the new iteration of my blog! Yay!

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