20170510 01

Little late for the pregame self-hype, but so it goes.

I found a strange moment at lunch today when I was trying to picture/conceptualize differences in mindsets or mental environments of driven people and generally unmotivated or unfocused people. Obviously I align with the unfocused/unmotivated side of things (except as regards things that I really, really enjoy). Anyway, the specific context was my thought process addressing how much and what sort of things I felt I should be eating at lunch, given my goals and future. I told myself to limit what I consumed, and I did. Funny how that works.

Anyway, the conclusion I came to was that I need to pick up the sword and battle the foes threatening my future more often. The foes are ever-present and malevolent in intention. To name but a few: my own neglect, passivity, and temptation to continue through life in ‘cruise control’ or autopilot; the subjective experience of tiredness, self-pity, and the notion that I deserve to be lax; and, even more dangerous, the insidious thought that stasis would be better than expending effort.

The last foe is especially insidious, because it’s a double lie: 1. expending directed effort is always better than stasis. 2. There’s no such thing as stasis; only regression. The body was not meant to be inactive and at rest; it’s made to move and act and do, and without these it drives itself into premature expiration.

Things I want to get cracking on tonight after work:

  • Dishes. ü (sort of – made a big dent)
  • Drag the trash out, break down some boxes.ü (still need to drag, but that’s ok)
  • Jog 2 miles.ü/2 – Jogged one mile.
  • Rip some muscles on the hanging rings.ü
  • Get started on the Raspberry Pi 3 work.ü

That should suffice for my sufficiently short evening.


EDIT: Oh hey, I could make this into a to-do list with some light modification.


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