20180530-01 Chronicle

May 30th already? Sigh.

If I’m going to attempt to make this a daily thing, I think I’ll add more day-to-day details to make this a true chronicle to look back on and remember the specifics of my current experience. It’s weird how my thought process always lingers on the current moment while delving into the potentials of the future, but never thinking of either of those contexts’ inevitable velocity into history. It would be good to remind myself of this.

Nic’s visiting today with his family, which will be a blessing. It’s been far too long since we last met. The weather is cool and the sun is out. The flowers are blooming and everything is green and growing. Summer is about to break out, and it’s shocking to me how fast things are moving. I remind myself of how fast winter will be upon us once again.

This morning was a success: good breakfast, good cup of coffee, good workout. My muscles are sore in all the right ways. I still haven’t come up with solutions to the dilemmas I thought up yesterday, but I shall ruminate on them today. In fact, let’s work on some of them for the next posting.

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