20180531 – Chronicle

It’s the last day in May and I’m cultivating my sense of dismay that time continues to pass too swiftly. I have so much to do and I feel like I have no time. And yet I have so little aversion to wasting it.

This morning’s routine: wake up, eat a nice large breakfast, put on the iLeague Starseries group stage tournament (this morning: NRG v. Hellraisers – NRG wins 2-0) and do all the dishes from the past week, including the dishes for the two racks of ribs and the failed gravy (and guest visits).

The sky is overcast and it’s cool and breezy and pleasant with occasional winks from the sun. I took the recycling can out today, forgetting that Memorial Day would mean that the trash people won’t pick it up until tomorrow. My weather app wasn’t updating properly this morning though, so I couldn’t check to see if rain would mean soggy cardboard to greet the recycling truck when they come tomorrow morning. Time will have to tell, and perhaps I’ll have to drag the can to the porch in the meantime.

I still ache from yesterday’s workout. ‘Twas a good one. I think my resting heart rate is lowering, which is great. I need to grind more and work through this and work out more consistently. I think that after 3 weeks of doing MWF upper body, I’ll start doing Tue-Thu-Sat leg days. Big muscle groups are important, and I never concentrated on them much. It’d be good to keep all the muscles in rotation. It just means that all my chores will have to be shoved to the end of the day when I get home. So it goes.

Later: more interactive development thoughts. I really need to start fleshing out specifics on an engine I should begin to work on, and what the engine’s requirements will be for testing purposes.

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