20180601 Chronicle

It’s the first day of June. I kept my bedroom closed to prevent cats from waking me up in the middle of the night with impending beard rubs, and ended up getting woken up at around quarter after 3 in the morning to scratching and fretting at the door. And, predictably, I couldn’t go back to sleep afterwards. Lovely. Today is going to be fun. On the positive side, I can leave early due to my extensive work requirements this weekend.

It’s overcast but warm and humid. It feels like a jungle. I’m guzzling my second cup of coffee post-breakfast (six softly scrambled eggs), and thinking about how ineffective today’s workout is going to be because of the fatigue backscatter of lost sleep that plagues my consciousness. I’m stalling by setting up my personal laptop (recently optimized after eliminating Avira, the hdd hog) and convincing myself that writing this post is a good excuse not to lift heavy things right away. However, the clock has passed the 7:00am and even the nice keys and convenience of a speedier laptop shouldn’t tempt me away from ripping up my muscles a bit. Finishing my coffee first would probably be prudent though…

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