Greetings! I’m Ben, and this is my blog. Below you’ll find my recent posts, wherein I dump my thoughtpieces on politics, technology, interactive media, and philosophy; random idea-branchings off of my currently-running projects and struggles therein; and commentary on my progress towards becoming a better programmer, a more organized and conscientious human being, and a stronger, more powerful, and more productive and engaging person.

I’ve been working in JavaScript to test its capabilities (as well as my own in the process) and to see if I can build a decent engine using only front-end code and builtin HTML5 functionality. I’m currently studying web frameworks (NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS, etc.) to develop my skills towards the ‘full-stack JavaScript developer’ level.

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April 16th, 2017 – Today’s Plan

I should begin my day with this, but I’ll have to live with doing this at work right now:

Here, I state my intention to follow a plan to make a plan for the next week this afternoon. Part of that plan will involve me printing off my list of goals/intentions slaved over through the self authoring program. So: things I need to do today:

  • print off that future-authoring result (at least a couple copies)
  • get dishes cleaned (after meals and such)
  • clean up my desk area
  • make another update once these things are done
  • do evening prayers
  • relax and enjoy family time in between (possibly eat steak?)
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time (before 11:01PM)

Let’s start with that. Should be enough, eh?

Sick days

Been sick and meditative – i.e., unconscious – the past few days. Will probably organize a massive schedule on Sunday night after work (and feasting).


It’s time to plan to plan out a plan for my future endeavors. It’s somewhat interesting that this process is beginning on this week of all weeks; for those that are unaware, it’s Pascha season for the Eastern Orthodox Christians that follow the old calendar, so that means a LOT of church, a few late night/early morning services, and then a crazy midnight service punctuated by a massive midnight (or, more accurately, 4AM) feast.

Not exactly conducive to drastic lifestyle changes.

Anyway, It’s about time I made a hard copy of my goal list and started sorting through ALL of the details as to how I want to implement work on them.

Hello world!

“Hello, world!” is a befitting first title, WordPress. I think I’ll keep it.

Hello, traveller. If you’re reading this, my first post, soon after its posting date, it’s probably because I haven’t posted enough times to move this first post down which means I’m being irresponsible. If you’re reading this because you’ve read all my most recent posts, and this first post is old, and you’ve have read all the way back to the beginning from my latest posts, then there might be something wrong with you (because I doubt someone’s devotion in attempting to read all the way back to the beginning of my posts). First blog posts are probably the most neglected of all  – they represent the beginning of what will hopefully become a transformative journey, so… why read the writing when the writer is in a lesser state of perfection than may otherwise be expected?

Anyway, I’m already getting ahead of myself. I’m Ben. This is my blog. I’ve started blogs before, but they died, or they sputtered out, or I lost interest. This one is different.

My goal in beginning this blog – and replacing my entire website with it – is to keep track of my progress in achieving personal goals, write out my struggles, and write out my thoughts, and write out my revisions to plans, all to refine and pragmaticize my daily life. That is my goal: to increase my capability for conscientiousness, because I am a horribly disorganized and chaotic person. This is my medium for self-reflection and, hopefully, self-actualization as well.

Many posts may not be visible, and it may appear that there are gaps in time when I don’t write. Either this is because I’ve abandoned my struggle to perfect myself using this blog (which, hopefully, I would mention in a post towards the end) or I’ve begun posting privately rather than publicly as may occur. If the former, I would encourage the reader to nag me by sending an email to admin@freneticetchings.com and be scornful and cutting with your comments as I respond well to negative criticism.

Anyway. That’s all for now. I’ll hopefully write more tonight, or possibly tomorrow. It’s good to dust off the default text and take these Google Fonts for a spin.