A Day to Begin Habits

I cringe at the title of this post, but I think that, on some subconscious level, I wanted to phrase it that way for a few specific reasons: one, I need to become more comfortable with maintaining habits. Two, the fact that it is uncomfortable is kind of the crux of the problem.

My written journal today reveals some interesting things. I’ll preface what I wrote by saying that I didn’t get to bed until late last night – but whether I make a habit of that I will leave up in the air. I kind of like feeling tired at the end of the day, and perhaps it’ll take staying up late each night and getting up early each morning to maintain that. Maintenance is the name of the game now. But let me explain why.

This morning’s journal entry:

Wake up: 5:31am

Pre-work: AG1, make coffee, change shirt, grab notebooks.

Morning snow.

Ate leftover brown rice cooked in pork juices w/baked beef with peppers and onions – around 8:15.

To do:

  • life weights ☑
    • Dumbbell rows, 50 lbs., 6x? 7x? 5 reps ea.
  • clean something ☑
  • box up bread maker ☑
  • hook up printer

Commentary on Parannoul: “How profoundly underwhelming.”

And then there are project notes.

I got a lot done today! The problem is going to be maintaining this level of productivity when I don’t have motivation. I am motivated now. I have to take advantage. But I know that that motivation is not going to last.

I made some small notes in my project and added precisely one line. I also did dishes, did some laundry, and got my breadmaker boxed up. And sorted mail. And brought various toiletries and my scale upstairs. All on top of working for 9 hours today. It was a good day. And it was easy today. On future days, it will not be easy.

Some notes on how I felt today: I seem to have been nodding off at various points in the day, and yet I managed to do a workout and walk Charlie without too much issue. I want to make note of that because I want to see whether that changes if I start losing more weight.

Above all, I want to keep up the chronicle – even if it’s to log my despair that I was unproductive. ???? Perhaps on those days I will have thoughts about something else.

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