20170511 01

Happy Thursday! Today I can happily report that I’m suffering from drowsiness and lethargy and afternoon drifting due to another horrible night’s sleep (I actually remember waking up on my back a few times). Time to break out my awkward fanny-pack-and-tennis-ball trick for staying on my side while sleeping.

Anywho, I just wanted to announce my intention to get exactly two things done this afternoon after work: I want to finish the dishes, and I want to walk on the treadmill for long enough to surpass a daily step count of 10k. Stretch goals: maybe install an OS on my new Raspberry Pi 3? Maybe work a bit on my JavaScript projects (as I AM listing them on this website…)? Maybe get some *gasp* other housework done?

Looks like I’ll need to hunt for a good video to listen to to keep me going.

  • Dishes ΓΌ
  • 10k steps
  • Install OS on RP3
  • Get some programming done
  • Get some other housework done

20170510 02

Well, I knocked off all the things on my list (mostly, in some respect). I didn’t spend hardly any time on the computer, but I did spend a lot of time doing things. Partly, perhaps, because I was listening to a live-recorded interview with Jordan Peterson, but I think there was more to it (an idea I’m working on): getting into warrior mode.

I look around myself and I think of my environment as target-dense; what can I take a swing at? But then I fall into a habitual mode where I sit on my wide hind parts, and then that little voice in the back of my head says, “There are more things to take a swing at.” And the thought is gamified, it’s a provocation, it’s a challenge. “Can you do chore X? Yes. Really? Obviously. I don’t believe you. Prove it. Fine. I will. It’s sitting there waiting to be done. Get to it.” And then I’m off.

Part of it wasn’t thinking about productivity vs. unproductivity; it was more like pondering what spending time doing activity x was actually, consciously doing for my own improvement. And was it actually fun enough to justify it? Because fun and productive should go hand in hand. Practice and challenge and fun should include practical improvement. And in some way, a lot of the stuff I did today was like practice. It was productive. It may not have been fun the whole time, but it’s more like knocking down goals was fun and I was able to watch Youtube at the same time.

Edit: Tomorrow’s a one-month anniversary for the new iteration of my blog! Yay!

20170501 01

More good news-bad news: the treadmill has arrived, it has been assembled, and it works fine. I have been testing it all weekend, and have finally settled on placing it in front of the TV so that I could watch Bosch while acclimating to an exercise schedule once again.

Unfortunately, I did not get many household chores completed this weekend. I did begin watching/reading some programming books (mostly on the subject of algorithm design), and have tentatively decided to start programming in Java on my free time (despite my distaste for the language and its inefficiencies).

Anyway, this morning was hyper productive and a fantastic beginning to the week: I woke up, had coffee, worked out (cardio, pushups, and crunches), helped Lyudmila with a small phone problem, breakfasted, showered, shaved, and still managed to get to work about 10 minutes early. If only every morning would be like this! Granted, I only got around 5 and half hours sleep last night, but I’m hoping that that means that I’ll be able to go to bed earlier tonight without any real problem.

I’ve decided that I need to find some system by which to tag or label the time I spend doing various activities in such a way as to directly connect them with my future authoring goals. This should help me evaluate my past performance in a much more accurate way, and help me tailor my schedule to allow my progress towards each of my goals consistently.

Signing off for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to report on continued progress tonight. But I’ll definitely post tomorrow morning.

20170428 01

I’m swiftly learning that my problem at the end of the day is simply fatigue, probably inspired by my being completely out of shape. On the plus side, my new treadmill comes today. On the downside, my foot mysteriously explodes in pain whenever I put weight on it, despite my never recalling how I injured it (in my sleep?). Anyway, the obviously dismal beginning to my post here is in testament to the fact that I got next to none of the things done last night that I wanted to (except, partially, for helping that friend – although, not in programming, but with moving large amounts of packages to the post office). I essentially napped on the couch and dragged myself about the house all night before going to bed. Am I ill? I don’t know. Do I need the treadmill coming today? Most definitely. My body needs to be challenged. If only my foot felt better.

2017 04 24 #01

I’ve got to stop titling these if they’re just basic updates. They’re either going to be “I was bad,” or “I was good,” or “Things are good and bad, here’s why.” It’ll be just dates from now on.

Anyway, as my silence testifies, things got sloppy this past weekend. I’ve skimped on chores a bit (half because there really just aren’t many chores to begin with, half because of laziness at the end of the work day). However, I did knock a few goals for the weekend off the list: getting out of the cave, getting a good number of errands done on Sunday afternoon, and visiting a friend to help them out.

I’ve learned something about the Toggl timing: I really should only be using it for tracking the voluntary, non-vital work, studying, and other goal-chasing tasks I ought to be doing – as opposed to the things that I NEED to get done and don’t really have a choice (like taking the trash out at midnight the night before it gets picked up, or doing a manic cleanup for an impending visit from someone) or the things that really should count (eating, sleeping, or being unproductive). That will give me a metric for a successfully productive week.

Anyway, there are a few things I’d like to get done this week:

  1. I’d like to learn how to make bar-style pizza in my horrible oven (after purchasing all those ingredients while waiting for Walmart to finish with my car).
  2. I’d like to put at least 2 hours (each) into:
    1. studying algorithms –
    2. programming my project
  3. I’d like to bring out my sax and keep it handy for some scales practice.
    1. buy a mute (CHECK – est. delivery Monday)

That should be good for now. I’ll see if I can’t knock something off this list tonight.